How do I Know if My Partner is a Sex Addict?

When most people think about addiction, things like drugs and alcohol spring immediately to mind. If your partner’s been acting strangely, though, and these other problems aren’t to blame, you should consider whether he has an addiction to sex. Sex addiction is one of the least understood addictions. People who suffer from it typically exhibit a variety of telltale symptoms, however. A handful of the most obvious ones are highlighted below.
• Diminished Interest in Sex – Has your partner suddenly stopped showing interest in having sex with you? People mistakenly take this as a sign that someone clearly isn’t a sex addict, but the opposite is sometimes true. With sex addiction, getting a fix becomes more and more difficult. At some point, regular sex with a spouse or long-term partner no longer cuts it. Furthermore, he could be getting release elsewhere and just doesn’t have the desire or energy to have sex with you.
• Asking for Strange Things in Bed – It’s normal and healthy to want to try different things in bed. However, sex addicts often become obsessed with it. They alienate their partners by asking for increasingly unusual things. If it feels like your partner is asking you to try extremely unusual things on a more and more regular basis, he might be a sex addict.
• Excessive Time Online – Sure, many people become addicted to online games or to simply browsing the Internet. If your partner insists on going online behind locked doors and spends nearly all of his free time doing so, that’s a major red flag. It’s okay to enjoy some private time every now and then, but an obsession with using a computer privately for long periods of time can be a clear sign that your partner is looking at things that would upset you.
• Gets Upset when You Turn Down Sex – To some degree, it’s natural for a person to be disappointed when his partner turns him down for sex. However, if your partner becomes extremely agitated or even angry when you tell him no, alarm bells should be ringing. After all, it is perfectly okay for you to say no to sex with him every now and then. He should know how to take it in stride. If he can’t control his anger or disappointment, something is amiss.
• Other Addictions are at Play – A huge percentage of sex addicts are simultaneously battling other addictions. In other words, they often have addictive personalities. If your partner is exhibiting one or more of the above signs and also grapples with something like drug addiction, alcoholism or an addiction to gambling, there’s a very good chance that he’s also a sex addict.
As evidenced by the many stories about celebrity sex addicts, help is available for people who suffer from this problem. Therefore, don’t lose hope. Try to have a frank and honest discussion with your partner about your fears. With any luck, he will acknowledge the problem and seek help voluntarily.

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