Sex Addiction versus Love Addiction

There are many similarities between love addiction and sex addiction. At the same time, it’s possible for a person to suffer from one addiction but not the other. For some people, though, the two addictions go hand in hand. Both addictions revolve around interactions with other people. Like many addictions, both tend to intensify over time. They are progressive illnesses, which is why it’s so important for an addict to seek help as soon as he realizes he has a problem. Learn about the parallels between sex addiction and love addiction below.

  • The Excitement of Someone New – In both sex addiction and love addiction, there’s an element of always craving the excitement of someone new. However, the symptom is much more apparent in sex addicts than it is in love addicts. After all, love addicts are often able to maintain relationships for at least short periods of time. Sex addicts, on the other hand, typically move immediately from one partner to the next. However, both addicts crave the excitement that goes along with meeting someone new.
  • A Craving for Intensity – Whether it primarily involves love or sex, a relationship tends to be especially intense in its earliest stages. That intensity is like a drug to sex addicts and love addicts alike. For love addicts, the intensity can usually sustain them long enough to remain in a relationship for at least a short amount of time. For sex addicts, on the other hand, the intensity often vaporizes as soon as a sexual encounter is over. Sex addicts immediately look for new partners, which isn’t always true with love addicts.
  • Neglecting Loved Ones and Responsibilities – One thing that happens with sex addiction and love addiction is a level of obsession that often disrupts regular relationships and responsibilities. Love addicts and sex addicts often stop caring about the things they used to enjoy. They often let their responsibilities slide and put important people in their lives on the back burner.
  • An Inability to be Alone – This is a crucial part of both love addiction and sex addiction. Sex addicts and love addicts don’t deal well with being alone. In the case of love addicts, it’s why they generally refuse to remain single. In the case of sex addicts, it’s why they immediately jump into one unhealthy sexual partnership after another.
  • An Inability to Stay with One Partner – Without a doubt, the main thing that sex addicts and love addicts have in common is an inability to remain faithful to one partner. Love addicts often think that they have finally found “the one.” After the newness of a relationship fades, however, they often start looking for someone new. Sex addicts often juggle several partners at once, and they continually seek out new sex partners as well.
  • There are many similarities between sex addicts and love addicts. In fact, both addictions can be present at one time. However, some people strictly suffer from sex addiction while some strictly suffer from love addiction. By understanding this, it’s easier to make the right diagnosis.

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