What is Sexual Addiction?

Those who suffer from a sexual addiction are subject to having their sexual thoughts dominate their thinking to a point that it hurts their ability to earn a living or to engage in healthy sexual and non-sexual relationships. Some of the sufferers compulsively masturbate and/or use pornography, have multiple sexual partners that may or may not involve prostitutes and engage in unsafe sex which could result in a greater chance of transmitting sexual diseases.
People with this disease are also much more likely to take significant risks when seeking out sexual experiences, sometimes even putting their employment status and personal relationships at risk. Some also run the risk of getting themselves into legal trouble if the sexual acts are illegal. Possible examples of illegal acts include engaging in exhibitionism and making unwanted advances that could include making obscene phone calls, molesting others or engaging in voyeurism.
An inability to resist engaging in sexual acts is also indicative of somebody suffering from a sexual addiction. This is especially the case if the person knows that the sexual act is being done without the consent of the other person or that it could potentially damage his or her social life and/or employment status.
Another symptom of those who may have a sexual addiction occurs when the person needs to continuously increase the frequency, intensity or risk level of sexual acts in order to achieve the desired effect. This may be compared to a person taking a drug who then needs to take more and more of it in order to reach the same effect that had been attained when the drug was initially taken.
If a person gains little satisfaction from engaging in sexual activity and does not feel emotional bonds with sexual partners, he or she likely has a sexual addiction. This is especially the case if feelings of guilt or shame result instead.
An inability to control sexual thoughts is another possible symptom. Some spend entire days consumed by sexual thoughts and reach the point that other areas of their lives are being completely neglected during these time periods.
However, the amount of interest in sex is not the determining factor of whether or not somebody suffers from a sexual addiction. It is more important to consider whether the person’s sexual actions and thoughts have a disabling impact on other areas of his or her life.

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